Dana and Gary with Jenna

Jenna is enjoying her Sunday afternoon wash!

We are Family...

The whole family having fun with all 140 pounds of Dornitz ! Thanks Sylvia for bringing your sister Kasia and Lauren and Gaige in. Hope Dornitz enjoys all the treats!

Jette - great meeting you !

Jette - great meeting you ! You are a sweet pup - visit again soon. Kim & Desarae - thank you for all the great referrals from Signature Cuts - the best Barber Salon in Town (and the best neighbor) !!!

Barley Hound our 1st customer!

Duke City Doggery's 1st customer! Barley Hound will tell all his friends about us.




The Three Amigos... Adrian, Girlie and Hailey

Thank you Stephanie for bringing Girlie in, she is so sweet... Looking forward to your next visit!

Oliver is such a sweety!

Oliver is all set for the scrub down!

Pretty in Pink...

Pretty in Pink...Lana enjoyed her 1st Puppy Bath ... and another New Toy !!! Thank you Alex and Donna - look forward to seeing you again.



Saturday afternoon with Smidgen!!

Amanda and April bonding with Smidgen!

Oscar cleaning up for the fall!

Oscar may not look it, but he is having a great time. Nikki and Tom are enjoying the scrub time too!!

Bonita es muy bonita!

Bonita is very pretty... and happy to see her papi Albert!

Popi the pooch...

Popi walked in a sheep dog, and walked out a Schnauzer. Thank you to Oliver and Brooke for letting us pamper Popi today.

Raven proves our tubs are HUGE!

Our tubs are large enough for Raven, a Great Dane!