Pet Food & Treats

Pet Food and Treats

Duke City Doggery strives to provide a comfortable, enjoyable and convenient location for both you and your Dog to visit.  Our Doggery team is here for you; we will share information & education about Dog nutrition and other ways to promote increased longevity, as well as a healthy & happy lifestyle.

Our Dog food, treats and all of our accessories are thoroughly researched and each item is hand selected.  We are not a large location; we don’t want to, nor can we, offer every item within every brand.  The Doggery offers a focused selection of the highest quality, natural foods as well as practical, functional accessories that will contribute meaningfully to your Dogs life and well-being.  We will also carry selected toys and food for our Cat friends.

We will continually research and add new items lines based on feedback we get from our customers, both Human and Dog.


Duke City Doggery is dedicated to providing education & information to help you select the best possible food nutrition to fit your Dogs lifestyle, age, and individual needs.  The improved nutrition that results from a quality dog food can greatly contribute to improved heath, more stable joints, and a healthier skin and coat quality.  The digestive system will function more efficiently and energy levels can improve.

Our dog food selections will NEVER include the following ingredients:

  • Wheat, Corn, Soy, Meat By-Products, Un-Named ingredients, or Chemical Preservatives.

Not every food is right for every dog.  We look forward to meeting you and partnering  with you to find the best selection of foods to meet your Dogs nutritional needs.

We offer free samples of most of our pet foods and multiple frequent buyer programs.

Dog & Cat Foods we Currently Have :  

  • Dog foods: Zignature, Taste of the Wild, Dave’sVictor
    • In the coming months we will adding a few additional Brands.  We look forward to feedback from our customers.
      • We will also do SPECIAL ORDERS of your favorite brand if our Wholesaler carries the brand.
  • Cat Foods: Fussie Cat (made by Zignature), Under the Sun (made by Canidae)

Dog Treats include:

Darford, Fido, Grande Natural Antler CompanyJones Natural Chews, Nature’s Own, Plato, Yeti Dog Chew-All Natural

We also carry ‘locally made’ treats – great for gift giving:

Tailwaggin Temptations Gourmet Dog Treats

Pawsitively Appetizing