Self Service Bath

Self Service Bath

At Duke City Doggery,  we offer a Self Serve Dog Bath.  Bathing your dog is a great way for you and your family to create an even stronger bond with your pet.  And – it is actually a Lot of Fun too! We supply everything you need for a fun and efficient Dog Wash.  We will show you how to use the equipment as well as give you some tips on some best practices to  be sure you get a squeaky clean and fluffy dry Dog.  We have a la carte services that you can add as well. Best part of all —- we do all the cleaning up!  Our tubs our professional grade stainless steel to insure the most sanitary and safe environment.  We sanitize the tubs after each use as well as ensure your bathing area is fully supplied with all the items you need.


Toy (5 lbs and under) $10

Small (6-20 lbs) $12

Medium (21-50 lbs) $15

Large (51-99 lbs) $20

Extra Large (99 lbs +) $25

Includes Everything You Need:

  • High Quality \ Sanitized Stainless Steel Tub20161001_144443
  • Ramp – for easy access in to tub
  • Plastic Aprons – to keep you dry
  • All-Natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Face Wash – specifically made for the face to avoid eye irritation
  • Towels – to dry your Dog off before the blow dry
  • Professional Forced-Air Dryers
  • Brushes – to brush out excess hair prior to wash as well as for after wash
  • Spritz – the final touch for that perfect look!